CAZURA M-Commerce helps convert Browsers into Buyers.

Set up your online store quickly with free, easy-to-use professional themes, products are displayed beautifully so you can spend less time managing your business and more time interacting with customers and make a first impression they'll never forget.

Keep your stocks moving In-Store and Online.

Connect all your locations to your M-Commerce store for a more efficient supply chain that lets you sell all your stock online. As items keep selling in the M-Commerce App, the Sales automatically reflect on your In-Store based on location.

Integrate M-Commerce and CAZURA to Manage Two Sales Channels as One

CAZURA provides an out-of-the-box integration to M-Commerce so your In-Store and Online platforms communicate in Real-Time.

All master data is maintained in CAZURA which seamlessly communicates with M-Commerce which means all sales channels communicate in real-time, giving you an enterprise-wide view of your Customers, Products, and Performance.

Turn one-time shoppers into loyal customers with Omnichannel loyalty.

Sync customer details between In-Store and Online platform. Target your customers with different Promotions.

Cross Channel Promotions

You can unify customer data across multiple sales channels and run cross-channel promotions to increase sales. Customers can also be allowed to Collect Loyalty Points on both your channels. This improves customer engagement and customer convenience.


How are we unique ???

Inventory Sync - Within Eye Blink, Sync your Inventory between your In-Store and M-Commerce

Prizes - You can assign Different prizes for M-Commerce Inventory based on the Location

Multi Location - Connect all your Locations to your Online Store for a more efficient supply chain that lets you sell all your stock online.

Invoice - Reliable Invoicing delivered on your phone

Product Catalogue - Showcase your Product list with high-resolution Images, Live Inventory Availability, and Sophisticated Search Functionality.